About Us

Saltbush as a Vision

Saltbush – Uniting the Scattered Community, seeks to encourage and connect smaller, Uniting Christian communities, irrespective of size or location. Saltbush seeks to enable us as a broad church to embrace the reality of being Christian community in the 21st. century and to affirm the place and capacity of smaller Christian communities both to gather and be in mission.

Saltbush will focus on...

Existing smaller Uniting Christian communities who are willing and able to pare back as far as possible their traditions, habits, comforts and ways to discover the Way of Christ lived out in the community in which they find themselves.

New intentional gatherings, who previously did not see themselves as ‘church’, and who through hospitality, Christian community, faith reflection and compassion, live out the Way of Christ within the community in which they find themselves.

Our Team

Geoff Wellington and Mark Faulkner make up the Saltbush team. At this stage we are also seeking full time Uniting Church Minister to play a significant online role. As a team we will work to build relationships across vast distance and support people who are willing to explore new and creative ways of gathering as Christian community.

Meet our team

Rev. Mark Faulkner

Uniting Church Minister

Rev. Mark Faulkner is a Uniting Church Minister and has served in diverse roles within the life of the church. Mark believes that the future of the church will be found in smaller, diverse gatherings of Christians who are willing to ponder life and faith in grounded, relational ways. Through his work he also affirms his belief in the wider body of the church as a way of encouraging and connecting these relational communities of faith.

Geoff Wellington

Lay Pastor
Lay Pastor Geoff Wellington comes to this role as a generational farmer, growing up in North East Victoria and then in the Eastern Riverina. Geoff also comes with more than a decade of ministry experience across three presbyteries and the synod. Geoff is looking forward to travelling alongside congregations and listening to their story in the many locations across NSW/ACT as together we discover what God is doing and calling us too in this time and place.

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