Talking About Salt

Challenging Conversations for the Christian community.

It was always going to be a curious thing to suggest, as perhaps Jesus did, that salt could lose its taste or saltiness. Perhaps this is a reference to market salt that was cut down before sale so the salt component was lessened, but the reality is that salt is just that – salt, or something else. Salt can’t lose its saltiness; it just is or it isn’t.

Perhaps that is the point as we come to Talking about Salt! Are we pretending to be something that we are not! Are we salty, tasty, flavoursome and healing or are we not what we say or think we are! Are we salt!?

These are difficult questions and there are challenging conversations to be had for Christian communities who want to be as salt within the communities in which we find ourselves. And so, you are invited to begin… Talking about Salt!

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