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Saltbush Gathering Far North Coast Region & Induction for Rev Peter Overton

If you would like to join us for the Saltbush Gathering and Induction of Rev Peter Overton on the 11th December 2021 from 9.30am Please

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6 December 2021

Advent Café!

You are invited to our next Saltbush online café for Advent.  There are three evenings which include music, prayer, conversation and reflection and we will

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4 November 2021

Saltbush Online Café – Seasons of Creation!

You are invited to our Seasons of Creation Online Café! Brought to you by Saltbush & Uniting Advocacy. Tuesdays (7th, 14th, 21st, 28th. September) @

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20 August 2021

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The Word Around The Bush

Epiphany 5-Catching God’s Graciousness-Luke 5:1-11

The miracle of a haul of fish after Jesus asked an exhausted Simon Peter to try again, points us all to the nature of a

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17 January 2022
The Word Around The Bush Video

Epiphany 4- Whose voice do we hear?- Luke 4:21-30

Jesus' words are rejected in his home town of Nazareth. How often do we choose to dismiss others according to our own prejudices? To download

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10 January 2022

Epiphany 3 – The response of the hearers – Luke 4: 14-21

Jesus goes up to the Synagogue on the Sabbath and reads from the scriptures.  At first all are amazed, his reputation has gone throughout the

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3 January 2022
The Word Around The Bush Video

Salty Conversations

23 December 2020Podcast

Saltbush Conversations with Rev. Peter Overton

Saltbush Conversations in a Coffee Shop with Rev. Peter Overton.  Over a cup of coffee

16 November 2020Podcast

Salty Conversations with Rev. Daniel Mossfield

Join us for another Salty Conversation - exploring life, faith, the church and Christian community. 

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20 October 2020Podcast

Salty Conversations with Rev Phil Matthews

Salty Conversations talks with Rev Phil Matthews, Bush Chaplain for the Barwon Remote Area and

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13 October 2020Podcast

Salty Conversations in Christian Community Episode 6

In a series of six episodes Salty Conversations explores Christian Community. Episode 6 talks with

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