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Ruminations – Change – Autumn 2021

The latest edition of Ruminations has now been published!  The theme for this edition is CHANGE!  Through theology, conversation and comment we invite readers to

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15 April 2021

Part 2 of A Brief Introduction to the Gospel of Mark!

Here is the second part of Rev. Dr. Neil Millar's introduction to the Gospel of Mark.  Throughout 2021 many of our Gospel readings will come

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23 February 2021

The tomb between life and death! Lenten Saltbush Cafe!

You are invited to come along to another Saltbush Café where you will meet others from around the land, explore life and faith together and spend time

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1 February 2021
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The Word Around The Bush

Easter 6 Love One Another John 15: 9-17

What does it mean to love one another? Jesus gives us an example of abiding or remaining with the Father and with us through thick

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19 April 2021
The Word Around The Bush Video

Easter 5 ‘I Abide in You’ John 15:1-8.

Before we choose to be in relationship with God....God has already chosen to be in relationship with us through Christ.

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14 April 2021

Easter 4 – Our Song – Psalm 23

Perhaps the most loved Psalm or maybe just the most heard Psalm, Psalm 23 is not just for funerals, but indeed an invitation to the

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6 April 2021
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Salty Conversations

23 December 2020Podcast

Saltbush Conversations with Rev. Peter Overton

Saltbush Conversations in a Coffee Shop with Rev. Peter Overton.  Over a cup of coffee

16 November 2020Podcast

Salty Conversations with Rev. Daniel Mossfield

Join us for another Salty Conversation - exploring life, faith, the church and Christian community. 

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20 October 2020Podcast

Salty Conversations with Rev Phil Matthews

Salty Conversations talks with Rev Phil Matthews, Bush Chaplain for the Barwon Remote Area and

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13 October 2020Podcast

Salty Conversations in Christian Community Episode 6

In a series of six episodes Salty Conversations explores Christian Community. Episode 6 talks with

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