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Saltbush Online Café – In the stillness of winter!

In the stillness of winter you are invited to our online retreat Saltbush Café!  The café will run for four weeks starting at 7pm on

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14 June 2021

Experiencing the Word – Change

Rev. Dr. Sarah Agnew writes a theological reflection on change based around the passage from Ecclesiastes 3.  Sarah is a Uniting Church Minister in Canberra

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11 May 2021

PreachFest 2021

You may be interested in PreachFest 2021 - running from 1st-3rd. June.  This is available on the ground and online.  An encouraging opportunity for anyone

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29 April 2021

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The Word Around The Bush

Pentecost 21 James, John & Leadership Mark 10: 35-45

James and John request of Jesus positions of power and influence. However Jesus offers a new way of being a leader in the Kin-dom of

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27 September 2021
The Word Around The Bush Video

Pentecost 20 gods and God Mark 10:17-31

No doubt the rich man was devout but he also had other gods before God. What are our gods?  To download video please click on

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20 September 2021

Pentecost 19 – Job confronts suffering and faith!

The Old Testament book of Job is an inviting, yet confronting narrative around the reality of suffering.  Where we might be looking for answers, this

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13 September 2021
The Word Around The Bush Video

Salty Conversations

23 December 2020Podcast

Saltbush Conversations with Rev. Peter Overton

Saltbush Conversations in a Coffee Shop with Rev. Peter Overton.  Over a cup of coffee

16 November 2020Podcast

Salty Conversations with Rev. Daniel Mossfield

Join us for another Salty Conversation - exploring life, faith, the church and Christian community. 

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20 October 2020Podcast

Salty Conversations with Rev Phil Matthews

Salty Conversations talks with Rev Phil Matthews, Bush Chaplain for the Barwon Remote Area and

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13 October 2020Podcast

Salty Conversations in Christian Community Episode 6

In a series of six episodes Salty Conversations explores Christian Community. Episode 6 talks with

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