Saltbush as a Vision

Saltbush is part of the Uniting Church in Australia.

Saltbush – Uniting the Scattered Community, seeks to encourage and connect Uniting Christian communities,  irrespective of size or location. Saltbush seeks to enable us as a broad church to embrace the reality of being Christian community in the 21st. century and to affirm diverse ways for people across the land to belong; both to gather and be in mission together. Saltbush seeks to work with individuals and Christian communities who are willing to confront traditions and habits of the past to shape new intentional gatherings for the present future!

You can attend...

Saltbush @ Worship
People from across the state and beyond for worship as Christian community. This is not streamed, one way or impersonal, but continues to build upon our belief in the missional relationship. Saltbush @ Worship takes place on different days/nights and is open to all.
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Saltbush Cafés
In regular series of three or four nights the Saltbush team hold online cafés centred around diverse themes or readings. Saltbush cafés are easy to attend, relaxed and an encouraging way to meet others and explore life and faith together.
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Scattered Community Gatherings
Three to four times a year in different rural or coastal locations the Saltbush team hold Scattered Community Gatherings. You can attend these online from wherever you are to wherever we are. These gatherings are centred around worship, encouragement, education and the practice of discipleship.
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You can receive...

Ruminations - Spring-Summer 2023 - Cover Image

This is our publication that is available both online and in post three times a year. Each issue has a theme and tells the story of people across the land along with theological reflection and news about Saltbush.
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Talking About Salt-2

Talking about Salt
This is our publication available for any congregation or group who are willing to have some discussion around who you are, how you gather and how you live out your faith.
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Intentional Christian Community

Growing Intentional Christian Communities of Practice
We delve into the Gospels, think about our own stories, talk together in small and large groups and challenge ourselves to take seriously the urging for the church in the 21st Century to be way more intentional about its life.
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Cover Image - The Great Unravelling

The Great Unravelling
Six conversations as part of our reading of the book:
Joining God in the Great Unravelling by Alan J. Roxburgh.

These conversations are not a study guide, but an invitation to open ourselves to deeply consider who and how we, the church, our christian communities, are participating in the ways of God beyond ourselves.
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Latest News

The Word Around The Bush

Easter 7 – Jesus prays for his disciples – John 17:6-19

We find ourselves in the Gospel of John amongst long passages recounting the prayers and conversations of Jesus, just before his arrest.  Today in Word

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22 April 2024
The Word Around The Bush Video

Easter 6 Love One Another John 15:9-17

What does it mean to love one another? Jesus gives us an example of abiding or remaining with the Father and with us through thick

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18 April 2024
The Word Around The Bush Video

Easter 5 Remaining in Christ, to bear much fruit. John 15:1-8

As we delve deeper in the Gospel of John, we are reminded that Jesus the true vine. To stay connected to Him, we must remain

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13 April 2024
The Word Around The Bush Video

Easter 4 – A love that brings the Church to life – John 10:11-18

Good Shepherd Sunday seems a rude intrusion in this season of Eastertide to stories of the Church coming to life - but it’s a poignant

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4 April 2024
The Word Around The Bush Video

Salty Conversations

23 December 2020Podcast

Saltbush Conversations with Rev. Peter Overton

Saltbush Conversations in a Coffee Shop with Rev. Peter Overton.  Over a cup of coffee

16 November 2020Podcast

Salty Conversations with Rev. Daniel Mossfield

Join us for another Salty Conversation - exploring life, faith, the church and Christian community. 

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20 October 2020Podcast

Salty Conversations with Rev Phil Matthews

Salty Conversations talks with Rev Phil Matthews, Bush Chaplain for the Barwon Remote Area and

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13 October 2020Podcast

Salty Conversations in Christian Community Episode 6

In a series of six episodes Salty Conversations explores Christian Community. Episode 6 talks with

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